Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 fans share concerns over potential lack of unique weapons

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Call of Duty player aiming down sights of gun and player pointing gun upwards
Credit: Activision

Throughout the history of the series, Call of Duty games have featured a huge assortment of weaponry for players to wield in multiplayer matches. Whether it's a bullet-spraying assault rifle or a powerful sniper rifle, there have always been parts of the arsenal that end up standing out from the crowd.

As the attention turns towards the launch of Modern Warfare 3, players have been discussing which key characters could die over the course of its single-player campaign. Meanwhile, some aren't best pleased with the UI layout that's set to feature in Sledgehammer Games' latest project.

The latest topic of conversation among fans involves Modern Warfare 3's weapon arsenal. Though plenty of choices are expected to appear in the full gun list, players are concerned about the potential lack of unique options in each category.

Will Modern Warfare 3 have enough unique-feeling weapons?

As the focus switches to the launch of the the game's beta, user userunknown276 has taken to Reddit to share their fears that the selection of Modern Warfare 3 weaponry won't feel unique enough.

In their post, they said: "I worry that having a huge pool of guns to choose from in MW3 will make them seem even less unique and boring." Some other players seem to agree that this is a valid concern and believe a change made when Modern Warfare 2 launched is responsible for causing it. One such player suggested: "MW2 introduced the gun 'families,' making a bunch of guns extremely similar."

On the other hand, some still believe Sledgehammer Games will be able to offer them some unique choices when building a loadout. One member of this faction said: "I agree that MW2's weapon selection is boring, but I think it's about to get better with Modern Warfare 3. We'll see."

With the entirety of Modern Warfare 2's weapon arsenal set to arrive in Modern Warfare 3, alongside the return of an iconic weapon, players won't be short of variety when the game launches this November. We'll just have to wait and see if there are any weapons that perform differently from the rest of the arsenal.

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