Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 fans split after comparing remastered maps to originals

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Modern Warfare 3 Afghan map and Ghost wearing SAS vest
Credit: Activision

Following the announcement that maps from 2009's Modern Warfare 2 would be returning in Modern Warfare 3, fans of Activision's shooter series were thrilled by the thought of taking a trip down memory lane.

Sledgehammer Games' map list contains all battlefields that were first launched in 2009 and in addition to the return of a popular weapon mechanic, there will be a a wealth of movement changes for players to master after loading into the likes of Afghan and Favela.

With players having now received their first look at the reworked maps, they've been busy comparing and contrasting them with the original designs. The adjustments that've been made have split the opinions of those who preferred the aesthetic of the older maps.

Modern Warfare 3 maps divide Call of Duty fans

To showcase the similarities and differences between the two sets of maps, user IshizakaLand has taken to Reddit armed with several screenshots from various areas.

Based on these screens, the Modern Warfare 3 maps are generally a bit brighter, while attempting to retain all of the small details from the original designs.

However, this added sunshine has caused concern from some players. One mused: "I loved Rundown with the overcast weather vs the sunny. Oh well." Another added: "(I) wish they kept the purpleish and orange skybox of OG Rundown, it looks so generic now."

It's not just Rundown that's split the opinions of players. The lighting upgrades to Favela have also sparked discussion. One player argued: "I hate how Favela looks darker and the sky looks hazier compared to the original." Another declared: "Time of day changes for some of these remasters were completely unnecessary. Still extremely cautious about this game even with all the nostalgia bait."

With the beta just a few weeks away, it won't be long before players get a closer look at the reworked maps and how they play.

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