Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 fans prepare to create "cursed" Vanguard-style weapons

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Call of Duty player aiming with assault rifle and player holding pistol in one hand
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty games always feature a wide range of weaponry, enabling players to build a loadout that suits their specific style of play perfectly. Recent titles have seen the debut of the gunsmith and in Modern Warfare 3, the system is set to return with several innovations that should add another layer to weapon customisation.

With attention slowly turning towards the launch of the MW3 beta, some players are concerned about a potential lack of unique weaponry in it, while others are already discussing the key deaths that could occur during the single-player campaign.

In previous entries, the gunsmith contained a huge range of attachments and ahead of launch, some players think they might end up creating "cursed" builds that don't resemble any weapons on the rumoured gun list.

Will "cursed" weapon builds come to Call of Duty?

After taking a closer look at some of the attachments from Modern Warfare 3's Vault edition, user Radeni took to Reddit to share their concerns.

The player declared: "We're gonna have Vanguard levels of cursed guns again", having noticed a weapon receiver that allows a Kastov assault rifle to utilise a bolt-action firing mechanism. Judging by the comments on their post, many of their fellow FPS fans aren't surprised by the diverse range of attachments on offer. "I knew when they mentioned the aftermarket parts where you could 'customise a machine gun into a bullpup' we were gonna be seeing some real weird (stuff)," said one.

Despite the concerns, players are looking forward to creating all kinds of unique weaponry to use in multiplayer. One player in the thread argued: "Vanguard felt wrong because it was WW2 guns, but I think the system would be great in a modern setting."

Although Modern Warfare 3 is bound to contain plenty of attachments, there's always the likelihood of a select few standing out from the crowd thanks to their superior performance. Unorthodox builds will continue to pique the interest of players looking for off-meta loadouts capable of making a big impact over the course of a match.

While we wait for the first cursed builds to appear, check out our Modern Warfare 3 guides showcasing the available Perks and all of the movement changes making their way to the game.

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