What do players miss in Call of Duty?

Call of Duty features players miss
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty features players miss
Credit: Activision

In order to provide a fresh offering every year, the Call of Duty franchise often attempts to reinvent a proven formula with various innovations that often backfire. The launch of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 saw a range of new features and due to player feedback, some were swiftly reverted.

Ahead of Season Two, all eyes are on Infinity Ward and Raven Software to deliver a breath of fresh air into the battle royale and especially multiplayer. Several Modern Warfare 2 fans believe the developer is prioritising Warzone 2 over the success of multiplayer despite the arrival of the Crossbow and two new battlegrounds to master.

Before the next seasonal update goes live, members of the community are taking a trip down memory lane to discuss which features from previous titles they miss the most.

Call of Duty features fans are missing

The discussion, started by Reddit user No-Jackfruit8797, covers a variety of topics surrounding areas of the franchise that made it great in the first place. “I miss the most playing for the game and not the challenges,” says the user.

“I wish people would play the game for fun and skill,” explains the fan who believes objectives have altered the way players decide to play a multiplayer match. “Good maps and spawns,” comments another fan. “These days, there are only a couple of maps I don’t completely hate,” which is hard to argue against.

Aside from multiplayer, others miss the hugely popular zombies mode from the Black Ops series. “I miss playing black ops zombies and working towards the Easter Eggs,” reveals one player. Treyarch’s undead-slaying co-op mode continues to withstand the test of time and despite Modern Warfare 2 containing Special Ops, it’s certainly no zombies.

There are plenty of other features the community misses in Call of Duty but the main one involves the lack of solid maps. Nowadays, developers are relying on recycled content to compensate for the lack of well-designed maps.

Gone are the days of Raid and Standoff appearing at launch which is rather disappointing. Let’s hope Season Two can rekindle some of the old magic.

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