Call of Duty complaints department - November edition

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Call of Duty complaints department logo with ghost and gas mask player in background
Credit: Activision

The month of November was an extremely busy time for Call of Duty fans. Whether you’re a fan of multiplayer or a battle royale connoisseur, November had a bit of everything for the community to enjoy.

Alongside the launch of Season One for Modern Warfare 2, most eyes were on the arrival of Warzone 2 and as expected, you had a lot to say on the latest battle royale offering from Infinity Ward. It wasn’t just Warzone 2 that caught your attention. One particular leak may have revealed Activision’s 2023 plans and it’s good news for fans of Task Force 141.


With that said, here’s what’s got the community talking over the course of the month.

5. Shroud's DMZ opinions

Warzone 2 players near stronghold and Shroud with hand near mouth
Credit: Activision / Shroud

At number five is content creator Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek sharing his thoughts on DMZ, a brand new exfiltration mode available in Warzone 2. After dropping into the action, the streamer reveals he’s “a little disappointed” with the mode.


When comparing the mode to Escape from Tarkov, Shroud goes as far as saying DMZ isn’t “Tarkov but casual.”

4. Useless armour rounds

Modern Warfare 2 player aiming down sights with bullets
Credit: Activision

Up next is a very strange change from Infinity Ward. Within the November 22 patch notes, the Modern Warfare 2 developer announced a major change to armour-piercing rounds that means they no longer pierce armour.


Instead of the ammunition dealing extra damage to armoured opponents, the multiplier is gone rendering the armour-piercing rounds useless.

3. Flying speedboats

Warzone 2 flying speedboat with Warzone Operator
Credit: Activision

In third place is the unusual sight of flying speedboats patrolling the skies of Al Mazrah. Warzone 2 hackers are slipping through the net and rather than seeing players through walls, they’re taking a different approach to ruining your matches.


Why use a helicopter to send you to the gulag when an air pirate can slice you down?

2. All about Ghost

Ghost wearing black and white mask and Ghost with green filter
Credit: Activision

Missing out on the top spot is a hugely exciting leak surrounding future Modern Warfare releases. The launch of Modern Warfare 2 saw the return of the enigmatic Ghost character, leaving many curious to find out more about the man behind the mask.


The leak claims Infinity Ward is already developing a campaign spin-off with a heavy emphasis on Ghost’s backstory which is an exciting prospect.

1. Unsatisfying gameplay

Warzone 2 unsatisfying gameplay
Credit: Activision

At the top of the charts and the issue causing you the most problems in Call of Duty this month is… unsatisfying Warzone 2 gameplay! Despite the millions of players dropping into the action, several members of the community believe the current gameplay loop is missing the mark.


Considering Infinity Ward and Raven Software are hard at work fixing any problems and improving the experience, there’s a high chance of gameplay improvements arriving in the not-too-distant future.

The Call of Duty complaints department is now closed! I’ll be back in December for another look at what’s frustrating players across Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Before you return to action, take a look at our guides showcasing the Warzone 2 meta and all there is to know about the best Modern Warfare 2 sniper rifle.