Black Ops Cold War: Activision Reports Cold War Alpha Was The Most Popular PS4 Alpha In Call Of Duty History

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The excitement for Black Ops Cold War is at an all-time high as the release date is finally on the horizon.

Treyarch has done a fantastic job using interesting and interactive ways of revealing information about the title.


From secret bunkers in Warzone to mystery boxes with clues to solve, it's been an exciting few months.

The title is set to release on November 13th and fans are counting down the days.

In the meantime, a lot of fans have been playing the PS4 exclusive Cold War Alpha.

And by a lot, I mean a record-breaking amount.


The Most Popular PS4 Alpha In Call Of Duty History

Activision has reported Cold War's Alpha was the most popular PS4 Alpha in Call of Duty history.

Unfortunately, they did not provide a specific number of players who took part.

We can assume the number is huge as there have been numerous PS4 alphas before Cold War's.


This confirms the sheer amount of excitement and hype surrounding this Call of Duty title.

The Cold War is a period of history that has been relatively unexplored by games.

This is a great opportunity for Treyarch to create a great game with a fresh and interesting theme.



Last week's alpha wasn't your last opportunity to try Black Ops Cold War.

You can check out the game's beta schedule below:

Weekend 1 - PlayStation 4 Exclusive 

  • Early Access Begins: October 8th
  • Open Beta Begins: October 10th
  • Weekend 1 Ends: October 12th

Weekend 2 - Beta on PS4, Xbox One, and PC - October 15th

  • Open Beta Begins: October 17th
  • Open Beta Ends: October 19th

You can check out the latest news on Black Ops Cold Warhere.