Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Alternate Die Maschine Ending Discovered

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now across five platforms.

The fifth chapter of the Black Ops sub-franchise sees the return of the popular zombies mode which has received widespread praise from the zombies community.


As players explore and discover the secrets hidden in Die Maschine, the zombies community has turned its attention to the content that was initially planned to be included when the game released on November 13th.

Along with maps and weapons that were cut, it appears that several alternate endings to Die Maschine were also emitted.

We take a look at what could have been for the ending of Die Maschine.

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Die Maschine Alternate Endings

For those that have completed the main Easter Egg of Die Maschine, the conclusion is rather anticlimactic.

According to notable leaker TheGamingRevoultion, there were meant to be alternate endings to the Die Maschine Easter Egg.

Currently, the only ending to Die Maschine is by climbing aboard the helicopter and flying away while the map gets destroyed by some form of explosion. Much to the annoyance of the zombies community, there was no cutscene which teased where the story would be heading next.


In his November 30th upload, TGR reveals that it is possible to exfil the map while inside the Dark Aether.

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How To Exfil From The Dark Aether

In order to exfil the map from the Dark Aether, you need to select the “Die Maschine 20 Round” mode from the featured playlists.


By selecting this mode, you can access the Dark Aether before you hit round 20 which gives you the ability to board the helicopter under the cover of darkness.

You can take a look at an alternate exfil scenario by clicking here.