Black Ops Cold War Season 2: New Weapons Discovered In Game Files

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After update 1.11, the final update for Season One, went live across all platforms, attention has quickly turned to the launch of Season Two and what could be arriving.

Season One contained the largest drop of free content in the history of the franchise and included everything from the return of classic maps and the additions of the Groza assault rifle and the MAC-10 submachine gun.


With the release of Season Two expected to take place towards the end of February, developer Treyarch has yet to reveal any content that will be arriving, but thanks to those crafty data miners, they’ve uncovered some of the weapons that are likely to appear as part of the new season of content.

Here’s everything we know about the new weapons.

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Season 2 New Guns

NTW-20 Black Ops Cold War

This beast of a sniper has been found in the Black Ops Cold War game files!

According to Call of Duty leaker @TailsDoll711, there are two new guns and two new melee weapons that have appeared since the most recent update went live.

One of the guns is the NTW-20, a bolt-action sniper rifle that sounds like another lethal addition to an already strong weapon category.

 According to the description, the NTW-20 offers a one-shot kill to the head, chest, and shoulders. Once it’s released, it is likely to prove popular with those that love to snipe.


The second gun found in the game files is the AI-LC10 sub-machine gun.

The fully-automatic SMG would be a welcome addition to Black Ops Cold War, especially with the likes of the MAC-10 and AK-74u proving to be extremely strong in the majority of in-game scenarios. Could the release of a new SMG be the catalyst for another switch in the metagame?

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Season 2 New Melee Weapons

Alongside the discovery of the two new guns, two new melee weapons were also found within the game files.


The first is the E-Tool. Described as an entrenching shovel used for digging defensive positions, the likelihood of it being used to do some digging is slim when it can be used to deal a devastating blow to an opponent in close-quarters combat.

The second melee weapon is the Machete. The addition of this blade is likely to provide players with another fun method of slashing and dashing their way around the map. It’s likely that it will join the Wakizashi sword which was added as part of the Season One Reloaded update.