Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Dataminers Reveal The Potential Return Of Ludvig Maxis

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The hype for Black Ops Cold War is at an all-time high at the moment.

Fans are enjoying the beta and getting to grips with the new gameplay experience.


However, Treyarch's Zombie mode still has a number of unanswered questions that fans are speculating on.

In particular, surrounding the potential return of past characters in the Black Ops Zombies narrative.

This week dataminers have uncovered some interesting information that may have confirmed some fan theories.

Will Ludvig Maxis Make His Return In Black Ops Cold War?

In a recent video, TheGamingRevolution has suggested recent datamining leaks may have revealed the return of Ludvig Maxis.


In the video, he discusses a Reddit thread posted by Nanikos that reveals recently datamined information from Cold War.

The thread displays a set of challenges that have been datamined from the game files.

These challenges happen to contain the phrase 'Maxis Intel'.

This collectable 'Intel' within Zombies is Treyarch's primary method of telling the story in Cold War.


This was revealed in Die Maschine trailer.

The fact that 'Maxis Intel' is in the game suggests we could potentially see the return of Ludvig Maxis.

Of course, this 'Maxis Intel' could just be referring to Samantha Maxis, a character we saw in the trailer.

However, it's likely that as she is in Cold War, her Dad Ludvig will be as well.


The return of past characters is a guaranteed way to get fans excited.

Let's hope we get to see Ludvig Maxis make his return in this new Black Ops universe.

This information should all be taken with a pinch of salt as it is all based on datamined information.



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