Black Ops Cold War League Play: David Vonderhaar Responds To Criticism

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The hotly-anticipated launch of League Play for Black Ops Cold War has gone live across all platforms.

For those looking for their competitive Call of Duty fix, League Play features a dedicated ranking system along with exclusive rewards that can be earned by placing highly in the numerous ladders.


While many players were hoping for a competitive playlist similar to one that featured on Call of Duty: World War 2, many were disappointed to find out that League Play was based on Black Ops 4’s competitive system.

As many players were quick to point out the flaws of the new system, competitive CoD pioneer and Treyarch multiplayer designer David Vonderhaar took to Twitter to address some of the concerns.

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Black Ops Cold War League Play Issues

There are several flaws to League Play, including incorrect rulesets, players being able to utilise restricted attachments, and a confusing ranking system that fails to function properly.


When asked as to why Treyarch opted for a reworked version of Black Ops 4’s ranked structure as opposed to a more traditional model similar to the one which featured in World War 2 and Overwatch, Vonderhaar responded.

Black Ops Cold War League Play Vonderhaar

From the outset, it looks like Vonderhaar is considering implementing an ELO system but in fact, he wants to investigate the maths behind the flaws within the system.

Will It Be Fixed?

With a number of issues currently affecting League Play, it’s unlikely that there will be any form of drastic changes coming to League Play.


It does appear that changes to how the playlist determines the skill level of players could be on the cards in the not-too-distant future.

Florida Mutineers player, Joseph “Owakening” Conley won all five of his placement games scoring an impressive 10 K/D ratio to be placed in the lowest skill division.

It’s clear that there are flaws and as avid supporters of Call of Duty esports, Treyarch will be hard at work attempting to make League Play the best possible experience for competitive players.