Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Is The H.A.R.P Scorestreak Useless?

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The first season of post-launch content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone is in full swing.

As players drop into Rebirth Island alongside new multiplayer modes, maps and more, there has been a wealth of new content added into the game.


One of the new additions is the H.A.R.P scorestreak, a high-altitude recon plane that displays the exact location and direction of the opposing team.

With 6000 score needed to call in the H.A.R.P, it is perfect for planning the next attack or to provide some vital information that could turn the tide for you and your team.

Despite it being able to provide plenty of intel, is the H.A.R.P actually a useless scorestreak?

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Is It Useless?

According to Reddit user ssb0095, the H.A.R.P is a pointless addition to the scorestreak arsenal because of the large number of bugs that prevent the scorestreak from being effective during a multiplayer match.

Sometimes the H.A.R.P does as it says and reveals the location of the entire enemy team but more often than not, it reveals a small portion of the team rather than the entire team.

A scorestreak not functioning as intended isn’t ideal. According to several players, the H.A.R.P bugs are caused by other items within Black Ops Cold War.


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What Causes The Bugs?

Those that have experienced the bugs believe that the H.A.R.P doesn’t perform as intended thanks to the Jammer Field Upgrade.

If your teammates are using Jammers as their Field Upgrade of choice, any opponent that is within the radius of one does not appear on the mini-map when the H.A.R.P is in the air.


This is particularly annoying when players expect the H.A.R.P to reveal the exact location and direction of the enemy team.

It is likely that Treyarch will rectify some of the issues in a future update but for now, it’s probably best to use a different scorestreak.