Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Player Reaches First Prestige Without Scoring A Kill

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When it comes to levelling up on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, scoring kills certainly lends a helping hand when working your way towards the coveted status of Prestige Master.

While the aim for several players is to score as many kills as possible during a multiplayer match, one player has taken the unorthodox approach of levelling up without dealing any harm to a member of the opposing team.


After a total of 185 multiplayer matches, Reddit user Pilgore1 managed to reach first prestige without scoring a single elimination.

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How Did They Do It?!

There are several ways of earning XP without having to slay any enemies.


Pilgore1 went into detail as to how they managed to reach first prestige without scoring a kill.

Even with no kills, Pilgore1 still managed to win over 100 matches

According to his experience, playing the objective and destroying any airborne scorestreaks was the fastest technique. Even with a lack of slaying ability, the player still managed to win 102 of the 185 games played. That’s even more impressive than some teammates I’ve encountered…


Although there were no weapons used to take down another player, it took Pilgore1 a total of 37 hours of in-game time to reach their target. The player also said that “I also have a lot, maybe too, much, patience” which certainly isn’t surprising.

Now they’ve reached first prestige, will they attempt to reach level 200 before the end of Season One?!

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If you’re looking for the fastest ways to level up in Black Ops Cold War, attempting to play without eliminating the opposition may not be the fastest strategy to be using.


To find the best and most efficient ways of ranking up as quickly as possible, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide full of tips and tricks.