Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Dark Ops Challenges Return In New Game, How To Complete

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After several months of teasers and Easter Eggs, the worldwide release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally here.

The fifth instalment in the Black Ops series contains a brand-new campaign developed by Raven Software alongside new multiplayer and zombies experienced by Black Ops creators Treyarch.


Dark Ops challenges first appeared in Call of Duty with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and are the most difficult challenges to complete.

For Black Ops Cold War, the concept has not changed. The requirements for the mysterious challenges will only be revealed once players have begun to progress through the challenge.

Treyarch has bought Dark Ops Challenges to campaign, multiplayer, and zombies.

Find out how many exclusive Calling Cards there are to unlock below.

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Updated - November 16th


COD Tracker has uncovered all the challenge requirements to unlock the Calling Cards available in the campaign

Find the requirements below: 

  • Retro Gamer - Unlock all arcade machines
  • What Do the Numbers Mean? - Decrypt the Operation Chaos floppy disk
  • Defiant - Attempt to jump to your death in Break on Through
  • Antihero - Wipe out your former teammates using brute force in Ashes to Ashes
  • Cover Your Tracks - Stash away five bodies as Belikov in Desperate Measures
  • Awkward Chat - Answer Imran Zakhaev's questions correctly in Desperate Measures
  • Dark Ops Master - Complete all Dark Ops challenges

Original Article

There are a total of seven Calling Cards that can be earned by completing various challenges within the single-player campaign.

Considering the game has only just been released, the exact requirements are not yet known!

Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops Campaign Challenges

Exclusive Calling Cards are up for grabs

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Updated - November 16th

The Dark Ops Challenges for Multiplayer have been discovered.

Find out how to get your hands on some exclusive Calling Cards below:

  • Relentless Killer - Earn 10 Relentless medals
  • Brutal Killer - Earn a Brutal medal
  • Nuclear Killer - Earn a Nuclear medal
  • Frenzy Killer - Earn a Frenzy Kill medal
  • Mega Killer - Earn a Mega Kill medal
  • Ultra Killer - Earn an Ultra Kill medal
  • Chain Killer - Earn a Kill Chain
  • From the Depths - Get 25 kills against enemies that are on land or a ship's surface when you are shooting at them from underwater with a primary or secondary weapon.
  • Hard Wipe - Single handedly eliminate an entire squad of 4 players in a Fireteam mode
  • Back At You - Throw a frag back and kill the enemy that threw the grenade at you.
  • Nuked Out - Earned a Nuclear medal in Free-For-All without using Scorestreaks
  • Very Nuclear - Earn a Nuclear medal with 21 different weapons with all kills coming from that weapon.
  • Underwater Ops - While underwater, plant C4 on an enemy occupied Gunboat or Wakerunner and detonate to destroy the vehicle and kill the occupants 5 times.
  • Dark Ops Master - Complete all Dark Ops Challenges/

Orignial Article

In Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, there are 14 Calling Cards up for grabs by completing a range of challenges.

Players will only find out the requirements to the challenges once they have been met.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Dark Ops Challenges

Images courtesy of Charlie Intel


Updated - November 16th

The Dark Ops challenges for Zombies have been discovered!

Find out all the requirements for each challenge below:

  • Reaper of the Undead - Kill 1,000,000 enemies.
  • Armed to the Teeth - Have 2 fully Packed Weapons with Ammo Mods equipped and 6 Perks active.
  • Social Distancing - Reach Round 20 without being hit.
  • The Anvil - Exfil a game with only using melee attacks.
  • Another Round? - Reach Round 100.
  • Good Enough - Reach Round 20 with only your starting load out and no upgrades.
  • Invincible - Reach Round 30 without going down.
  • Checkmate - Play every single trial in Die Maschine in a single game.
  • Harbinger of Doom - Kill 50 enemies with a single support.
  • Evil Unleashed - Complete the Main Quest in Die Maschine.
  • Box Addict - Buy every weapon from the Mystery Box in a single game.
  • King of Silverbacks - In Dead Ops Arcade, earn a cumulative high score of 999,999,999.
  • Pristine Pelt - In Dead Ops Arcade, defeat Mamaback in the final round without ever dying.
  • Dark Ops Master - Complete 11 Dark Ops challenges.

Original Article

Like multiplayer, there are 14 Calling Cards to work your way through in Zombies mode.

It’s likely that the challenges could be based around reaching a certain round or eliminating a specific number of the undead.

Better get cracking!

Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops Zombies Challenges

This article will be updated once the requirements for the Dark Ops Challenges have been found so be sure to bookmark this page!