Black Ops Cold War Beta: Player Discovers You Can Blow Up Doors

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The Black Ops Cold War open beta was released across all platforms yesterday.

This means PS4, Xbox One and PC players can all now experience Treyarch's latest Call of Duty game.

Although the beta is great for getting to grips with the gameplay, it also gives players a chance to discover unique and interesting mechanics.

That's exactly what @TheXclusiveAce found today whilst playing the Fireteam mode.


Player Discovers You Can Blow Up Doors In Cold War

@TheXclusiveAce posted a clip of him playing the Fireteam mode on Twitter today.

The clip shows him firing multiple rounds into a door and then finally throwing a C4 to destroy the door completely.

This clip took a lot of players by surprise who hadn't realised destructible mechanics had been added to Cold War.

It's worth mentioning that doors can only be destroyed in the Fireteam mode.

However, this hasn't stopped a number of players suggesting that the destructible door mechanic should be added to Warzone.

It would certainly add an extra level of realism to matches.


When a grenade blows up next to a door, you'd expect it to be blown off its hinges.

Whether Treyarch opts to expand this mechanic outside of Fireteam is yet to be revealed.

Either way, next time you're in Fireteam and a door is your way, remember, you don't always have to open it.

The option to pull out your C4 is always there.


A leaker has revealed some information about additional Cold War multiplayer maps.

Check out our article that outlines all the details on the leak here.