Call of Duty bans 500K accounts in latest update

Image showing Modern Warfare player firing gun in front of explosion
Credit: Activision

Image showing Modern Warfare player firing gun in front of explosion
Credit: Activision

Since the launch of Warzone’s Pacific update and Vanguard, Activision and Raven Software have increased their efforts when it comes to combatting cheaters in the battle royale and multiplayer.

Recent seasons of post-launch content see a sudden increase in the number of hackers using anything ranging from wallhacks to aimbots to gain an unfair advantage over their opposition.

Ahead of the Call of Duty Next event, the publisher reveals it has banned over half a million accounts across both titles in its latest bid to remove “toxic users” from its player base.

Half a million CoD accounts banned

Although Ricochet anti-cheat continues to introduce new measures to catch cheaters, some manage to slip through the cracks.

A Call of Duty blog post published on September 14, 2022 reveals 500,000 accounts have disappeared in addition to 300,000 accounts changing names.

“Due to these efforts, we have seen a more than 55% drop in the number of offensive username and clan tags reports from our players in the month of August in Call of Duty Warzone,” states Activision.

In addition, the publisher unveiled a new code of conduct to bolster its anti-toxicity efforts as attention turns towards the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. The code of conduct encourages players to treat all players with respect, compete with integrity, and stay vigilant to spot any kind of breach.

The code of conduct comes into force with the launch of the Modern Warfare 2 beta taking place on September 16, 2022. The beta contains a small slice of the full multiplayer build which launches on October 28. Toxic behaviour has no place in Call of Duty, so it’s great to see Activision taking a stand.

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