Burnout Creators to Release New Game - Dangerous Golf

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Could Dangerous Golf be the Rocket League of 2016?

The Burnout series is a franchise a lot of people have missed deeply, with the last game released in 2008, while a download only title launched in 2011.

Thankfully, for those fans with a Burnout-sized hole in their heart, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, the minds behind the series, are releasing their first game since leaving Criterion, and have shared information about it ahead of its release in May.


Dangerous Golf is what it says on the tin; players are tasked with pulling off trick shots and completely destroying the level in the most spectacular fashion to score points. Breaking things, bouncing around and getting as far away from the hole as possible will reward players with a SmashBreaker - similar to Burnout 3's CrashBreaker - to keep the combo going, and get even more points.

Alex, who is a co-founder and creative director of Three Fields Entertainment, underlined the purpose of Dangerous Golf by stating it is "As serious a golf game as Burnout was a serious simulation to driving games. We wanted to mix the attitude of Burnout with the destruction of Black whilst setting the golf ball on fire -- a nod to NBA Jam. It's just fun and silly and different, and it might be strangely familiar to some people who know our stuff."

Now, while the game may look a fun, silly golf game, the Three Fields team have far grander plans for their debut. They want Dangerous Golf to push the boundaries of a physics-based game, and enlisted Epic and Nvidia to accomplish this. Alex laid out the mission statement of Three Fields by saying "We set out to push the boundaries of a physics-based game and just start to prepare for the next generation of machines whenever they come to try and be a small developer but be on the cutting edge of tools and technology. To dream big and try and push the boundaries."

There are already plans in place for their next game, and it banks on Dangerous Golf being successful. Should it do well, Three Fields next target is a spiritual successor to Burnout 3: Takedown. Commenting on it, Alex mentioned;

 "We've been talking about a new racing game on and off for the past probably 4 or 5 years, so yeah, we know exactly what to do... It's probably going to involve driving really fast and hitting things."

While there is currently no price confirmed, Dangerous Golf will be released in a digital format on PS4, Xbox One and PC this May.

Well, I'm certainly excited about this game - are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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