Bully 2 Reportedly Still in Development, Despite GTA 6 Announcement

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It's a busy time for Rockstar fans. Following official confirmation about Grand Theft Auto 6 and news on GTA 5's PS5/Xbox Series X|S editions, a new rumour's emerged alleging Bully 2 is still in development. Considering Red Dead Redemption 2 was Rockstar's only new game last generation, many believed GTA 6 might be similar.


However, known leaker Tom Henderson is now claiming that Rockstar is working on Bully 2, though there's no hard evidence to prove this. Henderson stated that GTA 6 and Bully 2 have been in development for years, claiming "I still standby that there's something going on with the Bully series."

Bully 2 Reportedly Still in Development Despite GTA 6 Announcement

Rockstar Games hasn't formally commented on Bully 2, likely due to their focus on GTA 6 and GTA 5 E&E, so like any rumour, take this with a grain of salt. Henderson does have a decent track record, but considering the lack of Bully news since the original game launched, we're approaching this with caution.


Bully 2 remains unconfirmed but fans can play a port of the original Bully on PS4. An enhanced edition, Bully: Scholarship Edition, is available through backwards compatibility on Xbox One, alongside mobile ports on Android and iOS.