'Bloodshore' Is a New Live-Action Battle Royale Game Releasing In November

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From Fortnite to Apex Legends, the battle royale genre has been dominating a large proportion of the gaming space for several years, and it looks like the popular genre is getting a rather unexpected refresh in Bloodshore.

Bloodshore is a new battle royale game attempting to bridge the divide between gaming and films. The game's Steam page describes it as an "interactive action movie," where players' choices have drastic effects on how the game's eight hours of FMV footage unfolds


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Meet 'Bloodshore,' the Live-Action Battle Royale Game Releasing in November

You'll play as an actor named Nick, who takes part in a reality-TV show called Kill/Stream. The show will pit other actors, streamers, and even death row inmates against one another, with the idea being whoever wins gets a substantial cash reward.


It's reminiscent of the interactive nature of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, and all actions will have significant consequences. Players will have to choose who to kill and who to keep alive as they fight for Nick's survival.

Here's how the publisher describes it:

• Decisions matter, with visual feedback on what effect they have
• Relationships are tracked and can influence the story
• One story, several different paths and outcomes
• From the producers of The Complex and Five dates


The game's announcement trailer gives a closer look at some of the story, as well as a tease of how its choice elements will play out.

Bloodshore is currently set for November 3rd release on Steam only, with no word yet on whether it may release on other platforms.