Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Game Will Have Eight Multiplayer Maps On Release

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The worldwide release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner!

The fifth instalment in the Black Ops series will see players involved in a story taking place at the height of the Cold War.


Black Ops Cold War is a direct sequel to the original Black Ops game which first released in 2010.

Multiplayer has been a heavy focus for developer Treyarch prior to release. It has been confirmed that there will be at least eight Multiplayer maps available to players when the game releases on November 13th.

Find out the maps that will be available to play below!

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Welcome to Miami!



Satellite Black Ops Cold War

Set in the Angolan desert, Satellite has a wide-open map design perfect for snipers and tactical rifles to deal maximum damage in amongst the sand dunes or holding the high ground from the wreckage of the satellite in the middle of the map.

Thanks to the layout, Satellite can suit numerous playstyles ranging from patiently picking off enemies with a sniper from afar to pushing aggressively through the rocks with an SMG in a bid to secure control of the middle of the map.

Satellite will be available to play on all 6v6 game modes.

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Alpine Black Ops Cold War

Set in an abandoned Soviet ski resort, Alpine is one of the maps which will be used for the brand new Fireteam modes.

Supporting a total of 40 players battling it out in teams of four, Alpine is the ultimate Call of Duty playground, where players can use any weapon they desire to conquer the opposition.


Moscow Black Ops Cold War

Moscow is a traditional, three-lane map with many tight spaces to suit aggressive, close-quarters gameplay.

Its layout offers huge potential to trap the opposing team into a specific area of the map, making it very easy to secure control of specific areas such as the Globe statue and the escalators in the middle of the map.

Moscow is available across all 6v6 modes.


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Set in a Nicaraguan jungle, Cartel is a medium-sized map featuring a large open space in the middle of the map where the only piece of cover are dense bushes.

The hangars and river offer a range of opportunities with a variety of weaponry to get the upper hand over the enemy while the watchtower is the ideal place to pick off opponents at long-distance with ease.

Cartel will be available in both 6v6 and 12v12 game modes. For 12v12 modes, the layout will expand in order to cater for increased player numbers.


Crossroads Black Ops Cold War

Set in Uzbekistan, Crossroads has been designed for the Combined Arms modes which field vehicles and 12v12 action.

Featuring a range of long sight lines, this map is ideal for snipers to have maximum impact over the game.

The map will be available in 12v12 modes and a smaller version will be playable in 6v6 playlists.

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Ruka Black Ops Cold War



Ruka is set deep in the Ural Mountains and has been developed specifically for Fireteam game modes.

The Soviet training facility features a range of combat opportunities inside multi-storey log cabins and dense forest which can be utilised as cover and to navigate the map undetected.

This map is playable in all Fireteam modes.


Armada Black Ops Cold War

Perhaps one of the most unique maps ever seen in a Call of Duty title, Armada is set on the North See and consists of three battleships which are all connected by zip lines.

Plenty of action takes place on the central ship while the other two function as spawns for both teams.


Players can use the zip lines to board ships or opt to drive a speedboat or gunboat to control the surrounding waters.

Armada will be playable on 12v12 and 6v6 modes when Black Ops Cold War releases on November 13th.