Black Ops Cold War: Lobbies Are Disbanding In The Beta

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The Black Ops Cold War beta has begun!

Fans are getting another chance to try out the game after the alpha.


Xbox, PlayStation and PC users are all getting their chance to play the beta.

Despite this, each will start on different dates depending on what you're playing on.

The beta has brought a number of new features and changes for players to try out.

However, there is one specific change from alpha to beta that players are a little puzzled at.


Cold War Lobbies Disbanding

In the Cold War alpha, game lobbies would stay together after a match.

This meant players could continue to play with the same group people until they decided to leave.

However, in the beta this feature has been removed.


Instead, groups are disbanded after every match in the beta.

This means players have to wait for the system to find a new group each time.

Some players are disappointed with the change and don't understand why it is has been made.

Many prefered the system utilised in the alpha version of the game.


We'll have to wait and see which option Treyarch opt for in the game's full release.

As of yet, Treyarch has not made a comment on the changes in the beta.


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