Beyond Good And Evil 2 Studio Ubisoft Montpellier Are Working On A Second Game As Well

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It has been years since we last saw Beyond Good & Evil 2, but it looks like the studio beyond the game also has another project in development, potentially pushing their open-world space opera back even further.

Revealed in a LinkedIn post on Ubisoft Montpellier's page, the studio states that it is looking for a Community Developer to "manage the community strategy of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and an unannounced game".


Details about what this unannounced game haven't been revealed as of now, but this is the first we are hearing of the team taking on a second project.

Speculation has pointed to a remaster or remake of the original Beyond Good & Evil, but given how different the second game is to the first, it doesn't seem too likely.

Most of Ubisoft's studios help with development support on titles that have a main developing studio, such as Ubisoft Montreal.

As for what this means for Beyond Good & Evil 2, it could suggest that the project is in full production and the release is drawing closer, with some of the team shifting over to this new game.

It could also mean that we are still a long way away from seeing the game fully release with some of the development team being shifted over to this unannounced project, taking away resources from Beyond Good & Evil 2.

What do you think? Is this a good or bad sign for Ubisoft's open-world, ambitious space RPG?