Battlefield V's Summer Update will be its last as devs prepare to reveal more in Summer

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DICE has confirmed that Battlefield V will no longer receive content updates after its upcoming summer update.

With PS5 and Xbox Series X on the horizon, there's a good chance that the developer is ready to discuss their next project, especially considering Battlefield V launched in 2018.

In a blog post, Ryan McArthur, the Senior Producer of Battlefield V, noted that the team is aiming for the next standalone chapter (the sixth post-launch content drop) to be released in June, while also noting that they "look forward to sharing more with you this summer".


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In the blog, McArthur stated that the content will be the last but after the as yet Summer update, players will be able to earn Battlefield Currency or Company Coin as weekly rewards to allow them to unlock gear they may have missed.

DICE is also planning more casual #FridayNightBattlefield events, as well as Throwback Thursdays, along with continued support of Community Games Updates.

The devs are also looking to focus more on anti-cheat measures, and while fans might be disappointed by the lack of tangible content like maps, weapons and the like after the summer update, there's no denying that DICE has supported Battlefield V impressively.

Since launch, the game has received a new single-player mission, new maps, weapons, and game modes. Its Battle Royale mode, Firestorm, ironically failed to set the world alight when launching, but as an objective-based shooter, Battlefield V remains as strong as any in the franchise.