Battlefield V Update: Summer Update Release Date, Maps, Gameplay Modes, Price and more For Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

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Battlefield V's summer update is here, and DICE has confirmed that it'll be the last content drop that the first-person shoot receives – not bad for a game that launched in 2018.

PS5 and Xbox Series X fast approaching there's a good chance the team will be working on something for next-gen, but that doesn't mean we can't get excited for the Summer update – Chapter 7.


We'll be updating this post with all the news we get about maps, game modes, weapons and more, so be sure to check back!

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What Is Chapter 7?

The Summer Update adds new vehicles, soldier customisation options, and weapons and gadgets for American and Japanese forces.


It also adds the Al Marj Encampment map that you can see below.

Is this a new map?


Patch Notes

We've got the full patch notes here.


Release Date

The update went live on June 4, meaning you can download it right now!



This update will be absolutely free for all players - you won't need to spend a penny, although there will be microtransactions available for cosmetics.



What's Next?

With Battlefield V receiving no new content after Chapter 7, devs will focus on whatever they're working on next as well as keeping Battlefield V going in other ways.

With a focus on anti-cheat solutions, community match types, and friendly DICE-supported play sessions, Battlefield V isn't going anywhere yet – until the inevitable sixth instalment that is.