"Nobody gives a f***" - Asmongold Says The #ADayOffTwitch Movement Won't Have Any Real Effect

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Asmongold spoke harsh truths about the #ADayOffTwitch movement. It has to have some big names attached to be successful, he said. He said that no one would care if a small streamer took a day off.

Asmongold said he would join if someone else with a more prominent name joined but doesn't believe it is valid at the moment. Big streamers have already begun to fight Twitch tangibly. Streamers are fighting against Twitch in other ways, such as the Dr DisRespects lawsuit against Twitch or Valkyrae and CourageJD going to YouTube exclusively. This needs more fuel.


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ADayOffTwitch is criticized by Asmongold

There's nothing wrong with this movement, it's good, and it's valid. Asmongold thinks the problem is in the execution; it happened without planning or consideration for its success. I am paraphrasing greatly, as Asmongold puts it in a much more blunt way:

"Nobody gives a f*** you take a day off. Nobody knows who you are. That's the truth… I do believe in power in numbers, I absolutely do, which is why I don't believe in this. Like you can't get a bunch of 20 [slang for small streamer] together and think that you're gonna do anything. Nobody gives a f***. Like it doesn't f***ing matter, like who cares?"

The whole clip is here (found by Dexerto):


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To make a big noise, you need a significant impact—top-tier names, such as Pokimane, NICKMERCS, xQc, Ayden Ross, someone like those. Asmongold is the only one who has spoken out, which doesn't serve as a good example for a campaign.

It is about time other streamers gave their opinions, because there needs to be someone to speak positively on the situation. This way, it doesn't seem like it has all this opposition. Instead, someone like Pokimane or Valkyrae, who have historically been on the side of these movements, should dedicate a few minutes to speaking on this.