Are Xbox Teasing A Collaboration With Nintendo?

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Microsoft and Nintendo's chummy relationship has borne some rather pleasant fruit lately, but if certain clues - and industry insiders - are to be believed, there could be something else coming down the track.

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Are Xbox Teasing A Collaboration With Nintendo?

Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer recently appeared on a livestream with a veritable smorgasboard of gaming goodies on the shelves behind him. Normally this wouldn't be newsworthy, but Spencer has previously teased other future announcements using his furniture, most notably revealing the Xbox Series S long before it was made official (not that anyone noticed).

This time around people noticed the rather prominent Nintendo Switch perched atop the shelf. The internet being what it is, speculation immediately began as to what Phil was hinting at.

As it happens, VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb appeared on the GamesBeat podcast and said that "pretty much everything" we could see on Spencer's shelves were teasing something in the future.

This was then corroborated by XboxEra's Speshal Ed, who tweeted the following:

What cat that is exactly remains to be seen.

To add some more fuel to the fire, the official Halo Instagram account shared some rather snazzy Mario crossover fanart from pikathorchu.

What all this means is anyone's guess, but it certainly seems like something is afoot.

Nintendo and Microsoft have of course collaborated on bringing Banjo-Kazooie and Minecraft's Steve to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, whilst both Ori games and Cuphead have gone from being Xbox exclusives to appearing on Switch.

Here's hoping we'll find out what else they've got cooking up before long!

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