Apex Legends Wraith bug gives unfair advantage in the boxing ring

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Screenshot of Apex Legends boxing gloves heirloom and Apex Legends Wraith with glowing eyes
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The boxing ring on the Apex Legends Olympus map adds an interesting element of gameplay in Season 17 of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale. The most recent seasonal update saw the return of Olympus to the map rotation, much to the delight of fans dropping into the action.

In addition to adjustments to the map rotation, fans claim weapon mastery is an awful system while others continue to call for developers to nerf an overpowered assault rifle that continues to dominate the meta.

Despite the best efforts of Respawn, a Wraith bug is giving players an unfair advantage when stepping through the ropes of the Olympus boxing ring.

Apex Legends boxing involves guns

Discovered by Reddit user pokemonflavors, the issue allows Wraith players to enter the ring with a weapon, rather than switching out to their fists for an even fight against the opposition.

The bug provides Wraith players with a massive advantage over their opponents. With no way to defend themselves, their match comes to an untimely end. "If you see a Wraith entering the ring like that, leave," comments one fan.

In Season 17, Wraith isn't the only Legend that's using the fists of fury to their advantage. Ballistic is transforming into another form where there's no hiding from the flurry of punches.

On a more positive note, it appears the Apex Legends developers are aware of this particular exploit and are already working on a fix. With the Threat Level event starting soon, there's a strong possibility of the boxing ring becoming a level playing field in the next few weeks.

For the time being, it's best to avoid any Wraiths that manage to teleport through the ropes and score a very straightforward elimination.

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