Apex Legends Season 6: Dataminer Reveals Details On Aftermarket Event, Steam And Nintendo Switch Release

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Season 6 is well underway and there's so much content to look forward to.

From 'Aftermarket' to the Switch and Steam release of the game, it's going to be an exciting few months.


@Shurgtai, a respected Apex Legends dataminer, has found some information on the upcoming updates.

Let's check what new details he's discovered.

Aftermarket Collection Event

@Shrugtal originally predicted the 'Aftermarket' collection event would arrive on September 15th.


He assumed this would be the case as the game code from the store pointed to the 15th.

However, in the end, the update did not arrive on September 15th.

As with any datamining, it's not a full proof method of predicting updates and content.

Anything can happen behind the scenes to cause an unexpected delay.


However, @Shrugtal has now predicted the event will be released around the window of October 13th.

This is a result of him finding a number of excluive recolours for an event in the game code.

Let's hope the event arrives in October and we can all get our hands on the new cosmetics.


Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Nintendo Switch, Steam And Crossplay

@Shrugtal has also predicted that we may potentially get crossplay, Steam and the Nintendo Switch version of the game on the 'Aftermarket' release date.

This would mean we can expect these updates to arrive around mid-October.


Take this information with a pinch of salt as this is only a prediction.

However, @Shrugtal is a reliable source for Apex Legends content and has been for a long time.

Fingers-crossed October delivers all the updates were looking for.



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