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Apex Legends Season 6: How To Obtain Crafting Materials Through Lifeline

Apex Legends Season 6 brought a bunch of new content to the game.

One feature was the new crafting system.

It allows players to collect in-game crafting resources that can be used to create weapons, hop-ups or armour.

Players can create these upgrades at the big orange crafting machines on the map.

However, collecting enough crafting resources can sometimes be challenging.

Well, some Apex players have discovered a method to collect extra crafting resources using Lifeline.

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Gain Extra Crafting Resources With Lifeline

According to the Reddit user ToxicBooster, players can use Lifeline's extended supply bins to gain more crafting resources.

The key is to get one of your teammates to open the main compartment of the bin first.

This will give them the standard five crafting materials.

Lifeline will then need to open the secondary compartment.

This will grant an additional five crafting materials to her.

This is double the amount that would usually be granted if Lifeline was the one to open the main compartment.

This simple trick is a great way to obtain more resources.

It's a win-win technique that may be the difference between a loss or a victory.

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