Apex Legends Season 6: Here's How To Claim Free Bloodhound Skin With Twitch Prime

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Apex Legends has its fair share of unique and interesting cosmetics.

For some players, collecting outfits and skins for their favourite Legends is a huge part of why they play.

However, let's be honest, getting the latest new skins can be time-consuming and sometimes expensive.


So when a skin is offered to players for free, it's great news all round.

Let's check out how you can claim the 'Will of the Alfather' Bloodhound skin for free.

Free Bloodhound Skin With Twitch Prime

The new 'Will of the Allfather' Bloodhound skin is available with a subscription of Twitch Prime.

The skin is a purple and orange colouration Bloodhound's classic outfit.

It's a great skin and definitly one worth adding to your collection.

Here's how to claim the skin on Prime Gaming:

  1. Visit the Apex Legends Prime Gaming web page.
  2. Log-in with your Twitch account with an active Amazon Prime subscription
  3. Click 'Claim Now' above the Bloodhound skin
  4. A pop up will then appear asking you to link your EA ccount with your Twitch account
  5. The item will then be claimed and added to your Apex Legends account

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment


In order to claim the Bloodhound skin you will need Amazon Prime.

However, if you do not have the subscription service there's no need to worry.

Amazon offer a 14-day free trail of Prime for new customers.

You can simply start the free trial to claim the cosmetic and cancel the subscription afterwards.


There's nothing better than a free cosmetic, let's hope more Apex outfits become available through Twitch Prime.

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