Apex Legends fans debate if once dominant Legend is still popular

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Octane pointing at head and overview of Apex Legends Storm Point map
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to regular balancing from Respawn Entertainment, determining which is the best Legend to use in Season 17 of Apex Legends can prove tricky. The battle royale continues to prove popular and with each Legend possessing a range of abilities, understanding the meta is a surefire way to achieve success.

Despite fans branding the weapon mastery system ‘awful,’ players dropping into the action are enjoying the immense power of Ballistic and how he’s slotted into the game with ease.

Aside from the most recent additions, players continue to debate if a once-dominant character is still worth using.

Is Octane good in Season 17?

Ahead of loading in, Reddit user East_Mud1812 asks if Octane is a viable option after not playing in recent years.

“I was planning on unlocking Octane as my first pick but now I’m curious if he’s even good anymore,” questions the fan.

As always, the Apex Legends community was quick to share their thoughts on the current performance of Octane. “He’s pretty solid, in the middle of the road,” comments one player. “Some legends feel stronger than others but no one is ‘bad,’” states another fan, reminding players it’s more important to have fun rather than using the Legends that are considered the meta. “Just play whoever fits your play style best and whom you have fun with the most.”

Octane last received a nerf in Season 11 with tweaks to his jump pad sound effects in order for nearby players to hear when opponents are flying through the air. Since then, the Legend remains a solid option that’s useful for initiating fights over the course of a match.

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