Apex Legends Season 6: Respawn Developer Teases Possible Rotating LTM Playlist

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Apex Legends Season 6 has been an overwhelming success so far.

The season has been out for nearly 2 weeks now and players are loving the new content.

However, despite the success of Season 6, there are still a number of features players want to see in Apex Legends.


One of which is a Limited Time Mode rotating playlist.

Well, a Respawn developer has reignited players hope that a rotating playlist is on the horizon.

Developer Teases LTM Rotating Playlist

Apex Legends is known for its amazing LTMs.

However, a lot of players were unable to play some of these modes because they were not playing whilst they were active.

A rotating LTM playlist would solve this problem and allow players to experience past LTMs.

Well, it looks like the feature could be added to Apex Legends in the near future.


Redditor 'aletz dav' posted a question surrounding the possibility of a rotating LTM playlist.

Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier responded to the comment, stating 'Yes, it's a possibility'.

Of course, this doesn't mean the feature is definitely going to be added.

However, it shows Respawn considering the feature and know players are keen to see it.

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment


LTMs are an important feature of Battle Royales as they offer players a unique and fun experience outside the primary mode.

Fingers crossed this feature is added and allows players to experience some of Respawn's amazing past LTMs.

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