Apex Legends players are trying to solve the mystery of an invincible Bangalore

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Apex Legends' Bangalore looking pretty invincible.

When they’re not quoting the game in their school yearbooks or finding love mid-ult, the hardened veterans of Apex Legends can take their battle royale game of choice pretty seriously.

Occasionally this leads to some intense criticism of general gameplay trends, such as a legend’s pick rate decreasing, new or casual players struggling to get into the swing of the game or certain control schemes suddenly monopolising the top of the rankings.

However, the current hot topic being debated by mains of all stripes concerns a Bangalore that one player had the misfortune to encounter and couldn’t kill no matter what they tried.

Have you ever encountered an Apex Legend who just shrugged off your bullets?

This curious incident forms the subject of a recent thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, which began with a post from the player in question, user DigitDesign, who shared a clip of them hopelessly sniping away at the seemingly bulletproof Bangalore and asked: “Can someone please explain this gigachad Bangalore not taking damage?”

Naturally, a platoon of Apex detectives quickly descended on the thread to investigate the matter and put forth their theories as to why it might have happened, with user Tee_eeT kicking things off by tactfully observing: “She's just standing there... menacingly.”

No doubt inspired by this perceptive remark, user iamlordelordelordelo laid out their hypothesis, saying: “A guess would be that the Bangalore is behind an object that hasn’t rendered for you because of the distance.”, though DigitDesign debunked this idea with a reply, revealing: “If you go to that exact spot, you'll see that there is no object that Bangalore could have been hiding behind.”

On the other hand, user aSoireeForSquids zeroed in on DigitDesign’s marksmanship as a possible cause, saying: “Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses. Shot 12: Likely didn't actually fire because Hiko was already dead.”

Meanwhile, user Hood_Mobbin suggested that they’d also recently suffered at the hands of an undefeatable Bangalore, recalling: “I had a similar issue against (a) Bangalore the other day, where I shot her three times with a longbow and (didn’t do any) damage (to) her, then I got mopped.”

Regardless of whether you’ve been merked by an unbeatable smoke launcher enthusiast while fighting your way through the Broken Moon map, make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 15.

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