Apex Legends: Dev Addresses Level 500 Bug And Explains Why It Hasn't Been Fixed

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After initially announcing that things were under control in regards to the devastating level 500 bug, an Apex Legends developer has since commented on the situation and explained why they're still yet to fix it.

After a recent failed attempt at fixing the level 500 bug, the only update players have comes in the form of a comment from a developer, responding to a frustrated gamer on Reddit.


The Dreaded Bug

Back when the developers announced a new level 500 cap for Apex, fans rejoiced. Players had a new reason to get grinding.

Unfortunately, this didn't last long as the players who managed to reach the level cap weren't able to leave the main menu.

They were met with a screen telling them there had been an 'internal server error', stopping them from signing in. 


A slew of posts from devastated gamers who were forced to start new accounts flooded the internet for weeks.

Respawn Entertainment didn't comment on the issue until announcing a possible fix on January 11. This update was then delayed due to issues with testing, leaving fans outraged.


Recent Update From Apex Legends Developer

For the past few weeks, fans have been left to vent on social media and forums. Respawn Entertainment hasn't released any information on new plans to fix this game-breaking bug.


However, developer Rayme Vinson replied to an indignant player on Reddit, telling them he understands the annoyance players were feeling and assured them that it's a priority for the team. 

He then told them that "this kind of stuff is complicated and it’s very easy to make things worse, it’s taking longer because things are being triple-checked” and ended his reply with "Hopefully good news soon, and you're right, it's picking on some of the most involved players! That just ain't right."

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It looks like it could be a while before it’s safe to reach level 500 in Apex. Hopefully, we’ll see an update before season 4 releases on February 4. Have you had to start a new account due to the level 500 bug? Let us know. 


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Written ByLiam Bartlett@LiamABartlett