Apex Legends players discuss passive ideas that could improve Crypto's pick rate

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An image of Crypto in Apex Legends.

When they’re not quoting the game in their school yearbooks or finding love mid-ult, the hardened veterans of Apex Legends can be pretty critical of their battle royale game of choice.

Often this criticism is based on general gameplay trends, such as a glitch being abused, new players struggling to get into the swing of the game or casual players feeling like they can’t keep up.


However, sometimes Apex players will come together to try and save a specific legend that they feel is in danger of falling into obscurity, recommending some changes that may or may not help to turn things around. The latest to receive this treatment is everyone’s favourite technological terror, Crypto, whose pick rate is a little low right now.

Do you think Crypto needs a bit of an overhaul?

The theories that might stop this legend from lagging behind form the subject of a recent thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, which began with a post from user Tsenos, who kicked things off by outlining a couple of ideas for passive abilities that they think might reinvigorate Crypto, with the first, dubbed “Backdoor”, allowing him to remotely open door from a distance and the second, called “Firewall”, giving him the power to lock breakable doors by hacking them.

Naturally, a number of their fellow Apex stans simply responded by making jokes based on the infamous Crypto “off the grid” copypasta, but some did offer genuine feedback on the suggestions.


For example, user joven9494 argued: “The Firewall (passive) would be so broken it would be insane in ranked”, while Mirage_Main asked: “what on Earth are the people inside supposed to do if they get trapped? Just sit there and be ‘banned’ from the match until they die by the ring because they can’t quit without a penalty?”

On the other hand, user Remytron83 said: “I usually roll my eyes at these, but I like this.”, while Hero_Sandwich made their own suggestions as to what it might be cool for Crypto to virtually infiltrate, saying: “I think he should be able to hack the weapon vaults on Kings Canyon. Hacking a crafter to make something that's not in rotation would be cool too.”

On the other hand, user The_Reflectionist, a Crypto main, argued: “he doesn't need any new abilities (especially the ones you made up, they are cool but would just be broken), many people just don't know how to play him, as he has a pretty high skill floor.”, while ANeatCouch added: “I don't see anything wrong with his low pick-rate. He is already really solid at information gathering and fills a niche with EMP.”


Regardless of how you feel about Crypto’s current state, make sure to follow us for more updates on what to expect in Apex Legends Season 15.