Apex Legends fans think game crashes more often following recent update

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Screenshot showing Apex Legends Bangalore floating and Apex Legends player frowning
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

There’s nothing worse than having an Apex Legends match end due to a crash. Respawn Entertainment often attempts to iron out any game-breaking issues like this with regular updates, but in recent weeks, players dropping into the action are reporting experiencing them more frequently than usual.

With Season 17 in full swing, fans wonder if the battle pass is worth grinding while others are still looking for the best combination of Legends to tackle campers in casual and competitive matches.

Following the June 1 update, one player believes Apex Legends is crashing more often than normal, much to their annoyance.

Apex Legends might be crashing more often than usual

After their game once again booted them out of the action, Reddit user Tight_Rush wondered if the constant crashes appeared after the most recent update went live.

The player claims they “keep getting packet loss and latency errors only when starting a fight (in) Apex,” ruling out the possibility of a network issue stopping them from dealing damage.

It turns out they’re not the only player experiencing issues with the game crashing and frustrating lag. Another member of the community reports “code:water and code:tap” error codes when attempting to drop into a ranked match.

A console player reveals Apex Legends “keeps crashing every game on my PS4 and PS5 versions,” resulting in them losing several ranked points and plummeting down the ladder.

The exact cause of the constant crashing and lag spikes remains a mystery. There’s a possibility the arrival of the update impacted server performance or it’s purely coincidental. Either way, having a game ruined by an unexpected crash is far from ideal.

With numerous reports of crashing, a fix for the problem won’t be far away. In the meantime, don’t forget to take a look at our Apex Legends weapon tier list highlighting the best guns and weapons to use.

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