Apex Legends: Mirage Bug Allows His Decoys To Fly And Defy Gravity

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Apex Legends has an interesting cast of characters for players to choose from.

One of the most recognisable faces on the roster is Mirage.


His kit is designed around deceiving the opponent with decoys and clones.

Players can use Mirage's decoys to perform some amazing highlight-reel plays.

However, I think we can all agree that Mirage's decoys shouldn't be able to defy gravity.

Mirage Decoy Bug

The bug was discovered by the Reddit user 'Life_exe101' and is guaranteed to distract opponents.


It is performed by spamming the key or button you have bound to controlling the decoy whilst jumping at the same time.

This will cause the clone to phase in and out and rise into the air.

It's fair to say it's a bit of a spectacle.

Once you have stopped spamming, the decoy will drop back to the ground.


This is definitely not an intended part of Mirage's abilities or kit.

Therefore, it is considered a bug or exploit.

We can't imagine it'll be long before Respawn fix the issue so players cannot use it to their advantage.

Despite it being a bug, there is something funny about seeing Mirage's clone float up into the air.


We'll have to see how long it takes for Respawn to fix the bug.

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