Apex Legends: Replicator Bug Traps Players Outside The Circle

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Apex Legends, like any other game, has its bugs.

Most of these bugs are minor and do not affect the majority of the player base.


However, when a bug is game-breaking or heavily impacts the gameplay experience, then it is definitely a cause for concern.

Replicator Bug

Apex Legends player 'STRADD838' discovered a bug and posted the clip to Reddit.

The clip shows the player stuck in the Replicator loading screen.


The circle continues to close in and eventually kills him.

Courtesy of Respawn

The bug wouldn't allow the player to move, leaving them helpless and out of the game.


On top of this, the bug happened in a ranked game.

This meant 'STRADD838' lost ranked points because of a game-breaking bug. 

For players that play ranked competitively, this is a frustrating way to lose points.

This is definitely something Respawn have to look at very soon.


Bugs that directly affect the gameplay experience need to be addressed.

Let's hope the issue is fixed as soon as possible. 

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