Activision Blizzard is Struggling to Attract New Employees

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You probably won't be surprised to hear that following numerous lawsuits, Activision Blizzard is having a hard time retaining employees or hiring new ones. Many believe the Microsoft acquisition will lead to important changes but until that becomes official, this evidently isn't enough to keep frustrated workers.

Revealed during Activision Blizzard’s annual report (via GameDeveloper), the publisher acknowledged that these lawsuits have led to staffing issues. While they're aware of these problems, what isn't clear is how they plan to address it.


Activision Blizzard is Struggling to Attract New Employees

Speaking in full, the annual report stated:

"We have observed labour shortages, increasing competition for talent, and increasing attrition. We are experiencing increased difficulty in attracting and retaining skilled personnel," said the company.
"For example, we observed a significantly higher turnover rate of our human resources function in 2021. Additionally, recent litigation involving the Company relating to workplace and employee concerns [...] and related media attention can be expected to have an adverse effect on our ability to attract and retain employees and has resulted in work stoppages."

Considering all that’s happened around Activision Blizzard, some major internal changes are needed before Microsoft's deal becomes finalised. Until then, we'll keep you updated with further details on Activision Blizzard as we hear them.