17 Aug 2021 10:23 AM +00:00

Abandoned Director Calls PS5 App Launch "A Really Big Disaster"

Blue Box Game Studios' Abandoned's facing increased criticism following last week's launch of the "Realtime Experience" app. Available on PS5, Blue Box had promised they'd release a gameplay trailer rendered in realtime, with a playable prologue available later on.

However, that isn't quite what happened. Following delays due to "technical issues - as explained in a series of now-deleted tweets - the patch finally deployed on Friday, only for fans to discover it just contained a previously released teaser trailer. Furthermore, previous promises of delivering a 4K/60 FPS experience with DualSense support were missing.

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Abandoned Director Calls PS5 App Launch "A Really Big Disaster"

Now, game director Hasan Kahraman has explained what happened. Speaking with NME for a recent interview, he admitted "It’s been a really big disaster". Acknowledging people are "really disappointed", Kahraman then details what happened, telling NME:

Basically, we had to cut out some footage from the opening teaser and I knew that it wasn't a good idea to use the same footage that we had on Twitter and put in there because it’s literally just four seconds of footage and it doesn't give much. But we needed to do this because people wanted to have a patch, right? That was our first priority – just get the patch out there because we will be adding more content later.

When asked about the technical hurdles, Kahraman didn't elaborate on specific details, though he did confirm using Unreal Engine 5 in early access may have caused problems. However, he advised they used it anyway because "we needed the features that it had." As for when the full trailer drops, all Kahraman says is that it'll drop "very soon."

Source: NME