A Fully Playable Version of TimeSplitters 2 Has Been Hidden in Homefront: The Revolution All this Time - UPDATED

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Good news for anyone that did buy Homefront: The Revolution and still has it – the Timesplitters 2 code has been revealed.


One Twitter user by the name of SpencerTheDean has found the code, and it'll get you access to a 4K version of the classic shooter.

That code will unlock the Story mode, while you can also unlock Arcade, Challenge and more with the codes listed here.

Now, if only we could get them to stash a full port of Future Perfect in there, too.


Original Story Follows:

A Twitter comment by developer Matt Philips has revealed that a fully playable copy of shooter classic TimeSplitters 2 has been hidden inside the 2016 action game Homefront: The Revolution for years.

A Fully Playable Version of TimeSplitters 2 Has Been Hidden in Homefront the Revolution All this Time

The first two levels of TimeSplitters 2 had been known about for some time, as a discoverable Easter egg that players could experience via an arcade cabinet hidden in the game. However, code for the rest of TimeSplitters 2, as well as models, assets and everything else (all for native 4K). However, Homefront developer Matt Philips revealed in a tweet that the full game was supposed to be playable after the player used an unlock code - but that code was never released publicly.

The game’s campaign was supposedly ready to play, as well as some effort put into recreating the multiplayer on top of that. Philips said the following as part of a larger thread:

“I ported the network stack to ride on top of HF: TR's co-op mode. If, and that's a big if, anyone was able to hack two or more arcades into one of the co-op maps, it'll boot to the multilayer menu.”


Philips even admitted that the unlock code for the full game existed at some point, but had been “lost to time”, leaving the unique easter egg inaccessible.

Fans of TimeSplitters have been holding out for some sort of remake or revival of the series for years. The official rights to TimeSplitters are currently held by Embracer, the parent company for Dambuster Studios (creators of Homefront the Revolution), but there’s currently little sign of life for the classic franchise. Still, perhaps this will go some way to demonstrating that there’s still love for TimeSplitters itself - or maybe we’ll just get that unlock code one day?