Twitch may be trying to stop PhantomLord from talking about his lawsuit win

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Twitch has requested that a judge stop PhantomL0rd from speaking about his recent lawsuit win against them. PhantomL0rd was very vocal about Twitch losing the suit and how they were wrong for what they did to him. Twitch's attempt to silence the winning party is surprising, but it is not unheard of for a company to feel bad when losing a lawsuit.

PhantomL0rd didn't hesitate to tell everyone that Twitch was trying to pull this kind of move either. In the tweet above, he describes their attempt and compares it to something they do with their steamers. Many hoped that they would take accountability for their actions, but this is far from that.


PhantomL0rd and other streamers have created a united front against Twitch

PhantomL0rd claims that this only made him want to talk about the lawsuit more, and he intends to go live tomorrow and share more details about the case. There is nothing wrong with discussing lawsuits or court proceedings. They are public and should always remain open for the sake of transparency of justice.

Twitch attempting to silence people, censor documents, or seal documents is a big red flag. No one was surprised Twitch would try to move away from all negative aspects of the case. We reported earlier that Twitch would likely amend its contracts not to be liable for unjustified bans again.

Several streamers have expressed their discontent with Twitch. It's gotten to the point where many are against Twitch, like DrDisrespect and PhantomL0rd. Even popular streamers like Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, Corpse Husband, and Pewdiepie only use YouTube or Facebook.

Following this lawsuit, Twitch does seem like the corporate entity that doesn't mind taking down small streamers. There is no doubt that the lawsuit's effects are far from over, and this story will most likely develop in the future as well.