The 'Esports Certificate' was taken down due to backlash from professionals and the community

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The famed Esports Certificate, which took on a lot of hatred from the Esports community, was taken down. There were several issues with the certificate, ranging from the price to the questions on the test. It will come back up when it is in a better state and anyone who paid to take the Esports Certificate exam was refunded.

Despite the backing of industry insiders and managers, the certification is made up, and it comes from a new company that only recently launched. This made it difficult to sell. The only way to make something like an Esports certificate work is if every Esports team agrees only to hire people with the Esports certificate. The same applies to degrees from colleges and universities; such degrees have to be worth their weight in gold.

What was wrong with the Esports Certificate?

The certificate costs $400, which is a steep price for something unnecessary in the Esports industry. Other issues include the fact that this isn’t going to help diversification because not many people can afford to do this. Those who are too poor or don’t have the credit to borrow for this certificate will be in a difficult situation. The following tweet describes the issues with the test questions:


The questions on the certificate were great, but they were too varied for a single exam. The person taking the test had to perform well in marketing, merchandising, casting, among many other areas. It should have been different exams for different professions.

The community hated the Esports Certificate

The test was roasted to no end by Esports fans and professionals alike. I have placed tweets of hate all over this article to demonstrate the disdain of the execution. This test was dismissed even by Esports analysts and reporters.


Whenever the test is returned, it needs a lot more improvement than is possible to describe in a single article. I want to emphasize that it should be affordable (like the cost of a video game). Otherwise, it will be hard to get community backing.