Pokimane tricked into dancing to 'Rickroll' in self-defense TikTok video

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Pokimane was, unfortunately, the victim of a 'Rickroll,' and it was both embarrassing and hilarious. Rickrolling entails deceiving someone by using a clip from Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" in unexpected places in a bait and switch fashion. Since the trend first became apparent in 2007, it has become a permanent part of Internet culture.


Pokimane was watching a self-defense video that seemed to be legitimate. In the video, a man describes a technique that has been banned, and he exercises caution in repeating it. As the man followed the steps, it looked like a typical TikTok video.

So distracted by the video, Pokimane started following the instructions. She clasped her fists and moved them to her side. She moved them from side to side when Rick Astley appeared doing the same thing.

She immediately realized what had happened and looked down in disappointment. She then buried her face in her hands and began laughing. She really captured the expression people give when being Rickrolled.


This was not the first time Pokimane has been Rickrolled, nor will it be the last

Pokimane was Rickrolled once before, but she had a completely different reaction. She actually screamed as if it was a jump scare and not an innocent prank. It was the first time many had seen that kind of reaction from a Rickroll.


Many would consider this trend dated and no longer funny, but it's only unfunny to the person it is happening to. Other streamers like Pewdiepie have been victim to this trend resurfacing. Pewdiepie himself has a long history of being Rickrolled by his fans.

This kind of Rickrolling takes effort to do, and it isn't just some random jump. Instead of randomly inserting the Rickroll, pranksters create content that leads up to Rick Astley, so it's like advanced Rickrolling. Hopefully, this kind of thoughtful content is the future of Rickrolling.