Hades PS4 Rating Suggests Release Is On The Way Sometime Later This Year

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It looks like Hades might be heading to consoles soon as the game has been rated in Korea for PS4.

Spotted on ResetEra, the rating puts the game as suitable for everyone aged 15 years and over and confirms that Take-Two Interactive will be publishing the game.

But, it isn't clear if the publisher of the game will be 2K or the smaller publisher Private Division. We think the latter is more likely.

We also reckon it is probably coming to Xbox One at the same time, but just hasn't been rated yet. This is speculation on our part, though.

The Hades rating for PS4 in Korea lists the game as suitable for those above 15 years of age.

As for what we can expect from this console release, it will likely be identical to the PC and Nintendo Switch release last year, offering the same great roguelike experience.

We may see some console exclusive skins, however, such as Kratos' Axe or Aloy's bow as an extra bonus for PlayStation players.


We loved Hades and easily saw it as a shining star of a 2020 game, giving it a 5/5 in our review.

Our own Lloyd Coombes said that "Hades, however, is something very special. Its nimble, responsive gameplay, its interlocking narrative strands, and its commitment to its cast of excellent characters is nothing short of superb."

Let's hope the console release is just as memorable when the time comes.