4K modified PS4 & Xbox One consoles rumoured

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Wait, what did you say? We might get a new version of the Xbox One and PS4 this year?

It’s not confirmed officially, but major organisations such as Netflix are predicting the release of upgraded models of the Xbox One and PS4 which can support resolutions of up to 4K.


4k is essentially four times the resolution of 1080p, the current supported output of both Xbox One and Playstation 4, so that would be quite an upgrade!

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were both released in late 2013, which makes them just over a year old - time sure does fly! So, why then, would Netflix predict 4K supported consoles coming out later this year?

Microsoft and Sony certainly have a history of re-releasing their consoles, usually with bug-fixes or size changes. For example, the release of the Xbox 360 Slim reduced the chance of getting the ‘Red Ring of Death’ and made the console smaller and more compact.

The re-releases are usually done within a two year cycle, so the prediction from Netflix would certainly add up. However, we expect the updated platform to support 4K resolution without any major specification changes (RAM etc.)


Would this mean console gamers will be able to play games at 4K like the PCMasterRace? Not necessarily.

Although Microsoft's Larry Hryb previously revealed the current "Xbox One [specifications] support both 3-D and 4K" resolutions, the 4K compatibility may not be applicable to gaming itself but rather the entertainment services available, such as Netflix, who now provide 4k streaming support. At this moment in time, some PS4 and Xbox One games are not even 1080p, so full 4K resolution is probably not a feasible option for this generation.

The big question, of course: What about the millions of people who already purchased next-generation consoles? If Microsoft and Sony bring out new modified platforms, is it safe to assume they will provide a trade-in system where the consumer can redeem their current next-gen console to take some cash off the new price?

Forbes did approach Sony and Microsoft on the subject, but the responses were pretty much what you’d expect from both companies.


Microsoft’s Response;

We remain committed to bringing leading entertainment features and services to the living room. Beyond that, we have nothing to share at this time.”

Sony’s Response;

“Support for high-resolution 4K output for still images and movie content is in consideration, but there are no further details to share at this time.” 


Sony’s response is a little more revealing, but we’re still left with mere rumours and speculation for the time being. I guess we’ll have to wait until E3 at the very earliest for more information on the subject.

What do you think? Should Microsoft and Sony bring out a 4K supported Xbox One and PS4?

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