King of Fighters 15: 36th Character Revealed, Fights Like A Returning Character

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As SNK confirmed a second open beta for King of Fighters 15, they lifted the lid on the 36th character, Krohnen. This new character bears visual similarities to a character we've previously seen in King of Fighters, alongside his moveset.

As seen in the new trailer, Krohnen has a rash attitude, ready to throw hands with Kyo Kusanagi because he reminded him of someone he hates. His moveset was also showcased, revealing his aptitude for using fire, technological weaponry and a monstrous cyber arm attack for his super move.

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King of Fighters 15: 36th Character Revealed, Fights Like A Returning Character

Even though this is Krohnen's first appearance in King of Fighters, he's heavily reminiscent of a fighter related to K' and other characters introduced in his era.

Apparently, K999 has put SNK in copyright trouble, due to his heavy similarities with a character from Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira. They'd since stopped using him but his moveset would live on in other characters, if they wished to add him. Potentially, Krohnen could be the latest iteration of this legacy character.

However, SNK could be going for a long con to make a unique history for this character, as seen on ScotiaVIII's Tweet. Apparently, those legal troubles and the developer aversion to this character were fake, pulling a joking jab on their fans

As Krohnen takes the 36th slot in King of Fighters 15's initial 39-character roster, three more fighters will be unveiled soon. This upcoming sequel launches in a few months, so those reveals could be closer than expected.