17 Minutes of Lost Soul Aside Gameplay

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IGN has just released 17 minutes of gameplay footage for the upcoming Lost Soul Aside video game coming to the PlayStation from the Chinese studio, UltiZeroGames.

The action-packed hack and slash RPG was first revealed in 2016 where it had been posted to solo developer Yang Bing's YouTube channel.

The reception at the time was very positive and fans were supporting the solo developer.


Production has come a long way since 2016 and the game is looking better than ever, creating much excitement for fans that have been following its development and those who are fans of similar titles that the game draws its influence from, such as, the Final Fantasy franchise.

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The 17 minutes of hack and slash gameplay shows us a few key points to take away.

Firstly by the look of things, we will be getting in-game cinematics that will progress the storyline and they will appear at certain stages throughout the world, for example, important boss fights as we see at the start of the video.

Next, we see a floating entity following the character which transforms into both the weapon used and the hoverboard that is ridden. according to the Lost Souls Aside website, this is known as an ancient race called "Arena" that was accidentally combined with our main character Kazer.

Finally, we end with a large boss battle. The fight looks to incorporate many different mechanics as the player looks to take down the boss, creating an exciting and difficult experience.

You can watch the full 17 Minutes of gameplay provided by IGN below.

With its beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay, fans are eagerly awaiting a release date which despite many rumors there is no official date given yet.