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PUBG: Cross Platform Play Comes To Xbox One And PlayStation 4 And Season 4 Information


PUBG finally receives cross platform play on consoles; those included are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It won't be long before the dates set for this new feature is upon us as its set for early October.

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Cross Platform For PUBG Dates

The news of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds getting cross-platform play on consoles was announced during the Inside Xbox Gamescom 2019 presentation.

There is a limited amount of information on this at the moment, its unclear whether Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can squad up or simply face-off against each other. It is a surprise to see PC excluded from this new feature, its current competition (Fortnite) allows cross platform play between console and PC. This feature should be available for testing on the PUBG Test Servers by late September and live in early October

This announcement came along with the most recent season 4 trailer for the console version of the game, which included the season 4 survivor pass as well as the new visual update for the Erangel map.

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