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Forza Motorsport 8 LEAKS: Release Date, Cars, Career Mode, Tracks, Trailer, And Everything We Know On Xbox Series X

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Forza Motorsport is coming to Xbox Series X and S!


Forza Motorsport, the Xbox-exclusive sim-racing franchise, has been quiet since 2017.

Since the seventh instalment in the franchise, we've seen the Horizon spin-off series come into its own, but with a new console generation comes new opportunities to get behind the wheel.

Here's everything we know about Forza Motorsport.

Latest News

How To Play Early - April 7th, 2021

Turn10 will allow "Forza Panel" members to help test drive the game to assist in development.

Find out more, including how to apply, here.

Official Announce Trailer

What is Forza Motorsport?


A sim-racer in the vein of Gran Turismo (although many would argue it has eclipsed its PlayStation counterpart), the Forza Motorsport franchise began all the way back in 2005 on the original Xbox.

Since then, it has appeared on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, while the much-rumoured eighth instalment will mark its debut on the Xbox Series X.

The game has reportedly been in development since late 2018.

The game is expected to run at 4K 120 FPS with ray tracing enabled.

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Release Date

The Forza Motorsport release date is still unknown and unconfirmed. We haven't heard much from Turn 10 lately.

We'll update this page when we learn more!

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SHUT UP AND DRIVE: If the new Forza Motorsport is anything like 7, it's going to be beautiful!

New Features

According to leaks from @IdleSloth84, the new Forza will resemble that of a reboot/reimagining of the mainline Forza series taking it back more so than ever to its sim roots.

Here's what the new game is rumoured to bring to it:

  • New tire pressure model
  • Dynamic track temperatures
  • New atmosphere pressure system, affecting air density, dynamics and power
  • Redesigned suspension system with ned modeling
  • New ranked online system
  • New integrated online Ghosting System
  • Tracks have full day and night cycles depending on race length/track
  • Rubber in on tracks
  • New heat interaction with tire pressure
  • Expanded race capacity
  • Off-road racing on land or gravel
  • Rally races will also be present
  • Clubs Return


Recent rumours have made it clear there won't be hundreds of cars at launch, Turn 10 is supposedly targeting quality over quantity - focusing on car detail, track detail and much more.

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Career Mode

Career Mode has reportedly had a full overhaul, @IdleSloth84 compares it to the Need For Speed story modes with character cinematics and a full-blown storyline.

It follows a Calendar event style (location to location) and a progression system like Forza Motorsport 4.

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We're expecting the game to retail for £49-59.99.

With rumours suggesting next-gen games could be more expensive than current-gen ones, Xbox Game Pass is likely to come into its own.

With Microsoft's subscription, Xbox Game Studios games will be included. That means you'll be able to play the likes of Halo: Infinite and Forza Motorsport 8 as part of your subscription!

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