Forza Horizon 5's Audio Is Powered By Ray Tracing

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Following its gorgeous reveal at the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021, anticipation for Forza Horizon 5 is revving up.

The next driving adventure will push technical boundaries with its inclusion of seasonal weather changes and a sprawling Mexico environment, which was produced using cameras on location. Another improvement will involve adjustments to sound.

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Forza Horizon 5's Audio Is Powered By Ray Tracing

Since the game's reveal, Playground Games has hosted several episodes through the Let’s ¡Go! event, detailing the game's features. The latest showcase focused on how the instalment will revolutionize sound.


Lead Audio Designer, Fraser Strachan, and Creative Director, Mike Brown stated that Playground Games recorded over 320 new car sounds, including car engines, tire friction, and even exhausts. These sounds will vary, depending on the improvements made to cars.

These sound adjustments will be driven by audio ray tracing. Audio ray tracing will be integrated with the map's design, where the car's sound will bounce off objects in the environment. This feedback will accurately project sound towards the driver, as vehicles meet assorted walls, plants, fences, buildings and so forth. This location-precise audio will attempt to augment the player's immersion, as they traverse through the Mexican landscape.

More Let’s ¡Go! episodes are planned for the rest of the year, which will allow us to learn even more about the racing experience, before Forza Horizon 5's release on Xbox Series X|S.